PolyMath Publishing

PolyMath Publishing produces math-specific materials for teachers, tutors, and parents. We create assessments, classroom games, and organizers that help students succeed.

PolyMath Assessments

EduCalc is developing online math courses designed students with dyscalculia. Our teaching method and curriculum design also supports students with dyslexia, high-functioning Autism, processing disorders, dysgraphia, and ADHD/ADD. We also are in production of a line of standards-based assessments for any classroom, with reduced text, graphics, and fewer distractions on a page. They are also a great resource for ESOL/ELL students. Click here to find out more about these books.

Teacher Resources

EduCalc training is now online! We look forward to holding in-person training again, but during these uncertain times, click here to complete your PD on your own time, safely at home. EduCalc's courses explain the how, why, and where (in the brain) of the disorders that stop students from learning math. Then, we show you how you can help. 

Information and Research

Dyscalculia has been talked about in research journals since the 1930's. So, why do so few educators know about this important Specific Learning Disorder? Click here to find our gateway to all the leading research about dyscalculia.

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